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        Dynamic Flow manufactures a full line of high quality circulating and cementing hoses. We provide hoses ranging from 1" to 2" and can handle up to 15,000 psi CWP (cold working pressure). They are also available for sour gas service and can handle 10,000 psi CWP. All hoses feature swivel joints for flexibility, wing unions for tight make up and easy break out and absorb vibration.

        To ensure customer satisfaction, our hoses come with full trace-ability and are manufactured from the highest quality raw materials. All of Dynamic Flow, flow line products meet API 6A and API 16C requirements, as well as NACE-MR-01-75  for sour gas service.

Salient Features:

# Our all steel hoses feature swivel joints that provide flexibility and absorb vibration and ease of operation.  
# Our wing union connections ensure fast pressure tight make up and break out.  
# Our hoses fold up readily for storage  
# Our cementing and circulating hoses are available up to cold working pressure 10,000psi for sour gas service.  
# Available loop length are 10', 12', 15'. For any other sizes apart from these, please contact factory.  
Cementing & Circulatory Hoses Product Range:

Silver Code C & C hoses are available in 1" & 2".  Red Code C & C hoses are available in 2".

with 1 Wing Union

with 4 Wing Union

with 2 Wing Union
with 1 Wing Union
< - - Threaded

with 4 Wing Union


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